VYPERCAST is a new project led by VYPER team lead Nicole Provost. The show will begin to air in summer 2023, and will feature various hosts discussing issues faced by aboriginal community members including justice and equity, language education and revitalization, ceremony and culture, and Indigenous humor.

Overview: A weekly radio show on CIVL radio led by VYPER members, aimed at amplifying indigenous voices in the community. The show will serve as an education tool on indigenous language and culture, as well as provide a means for indigenous community members to share their opinions, points of view, and ideas.

Description: A weekly 30-minute broadcast hosted by different community members, within and outside of VYPER. 

Want to get involved? Anyone who wants to be part of the show must pick a topic relating to Indigenous issues (can be any they are knowledgeable and passionate about), present it to Nicole, and then be given a time slot on the show. 

Topics: Can be anything as long as it is related to indigenous culture, and is radio appropriate. Some examples include:

  • Halq’emeylem language (due to show broadcast on Halq’emeylem speaking territory)
  • Harm reduction
  • Indigenous humor
  • Teaching about Indigenous ceremony 
  • History of Indigenous people
  • InterviewingIndigenous people from the community
  • Justice
  • Land Back
  • Indigenous music
  • Etc! The possibilities are endless.