VYPER Member Description

A VYPER member may be someone who attends our events, follows our social media, or promotes VYPER in their community. Our members make up our community, and there are hundreds of them!

We value the care and feedback our members give us. Many members may find themselves volunteering to help set up our pow-wows, speaking on our radio show, or making a ribbon skirt with us.  We want each of our members to know how much we appreciate them so have created tons of membership packages full of swag, traditional medicine & messages from the VYPER Leads.

Without our VYPER family, we would not be able to have nearly as big as an impact as we have!

VYPER Membership Package

Smudge Kit

Smudging is a cultural custom practiced by a wide variety of Indigenous people in Canada and other parts of the world. Smudging is the practice of burning various medicinal plants to cleanse ourselves and connect us with our spirit and with the Creator.


Stickers, pins, educational pamphlets, t-shirts and VYPER bags are given to our members. #RepVYPER

Messages from Leads

Each of our leads have their own message to share with our members- who will share their message with you?

Interested in Becoming a Lead? Got Questions? Feel free to reach out!

You can send an email to the VYPER Coordinator to sign up for our monthly newsletter updates, and meet the team! Many of our weekly meetings are open for the general public to sit in on and witness.

The VYPER Coordinator would be happy to set up a call to chat about questions regarding VYPER and general memberships.