VYPER Lead Description

A VYPER Lead sits on the board of 12 young people located across B.C. They are leaders in the VYPER organization and contribute in some meaningful way using the skills and strengths they possess. Leads represent VYPER in their communities through projects, events, media, and/or sitting on community tables.

A lead is responsible for attending regular meetings, supporting other leads in their projects, contributing to decision-making processes, representing VYPER in various sectors, and capturing their journey along the way. Our leads often host their own initiatives and will look to lift up other youth in their communities to do the same.

A shared goal between our leads is the want to revitalize Indigenous culture across the Nation for Indigenous people. We want the education of indigenous history shared with the general public and to encourage others to share that knowledge with their friends and families.

What Does it Take to be a VYPER Lead?
  • Be an indigenous young person between the ages of 15 and 29.
  • Be able to meet online on a weekly basis with the core.
  • Care about our Mission & Vision and feel you can contribute to that with your unique set of skills.
  • Care to contribute to the well-being and knowledge-sharing with and among other core members
  • Have some experience with leading projects or sitting on boards. (Decision-making, planning, commitment).
  • Be able to speak on VYPER and our work with community members, organizations, schools, and boards
How Are VYPER Leads Supported?


We can offer as much support and mentorship on your initiatives as needed. Our other leads have a vast amount of experience in several categories of culture and would be happy to help plan, execute and give feedback.

Financial Compensation

We can offer financial support for you to run your projects and compensate you for the time you invest in VYPER.


We can offer opportunities for you to broaden your community and knowledge through training you might require, and traveling to other regions of B.C

Interested in Becoming a Lead? Got Questions? Feel free to reach out!

You can send an email to the VYPER Coordinator to receive a VYPER Lead application. Our leads will view your application and the coordinator will contact you to let you know how we will move forward.

The VYPER Coordinator would be happy to set up a call to chat about questions regarding VYPER, projects, or help with the application.