Learn more about the different types of memberships VYPER has to offer.

VYPER is an organization made up of individuals of all ages and from a wide variety of backgrounds, united in the goals of indigenous cultural revitalization and equity for all. VYPER members of all types are loved, valued, and cherished as members of the VYPER community. Learn more below about the different opportunities for involvement that VYPER has to offer.


VYPER Leads make up the provincial core team. There are 8 seats across the province for indigenous youth leads to fill. Leads are responsible for ensuring VYPERs mission and vision are being followed through various styles of initiatives.

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VYPER Members

VYPER Members make up our community. These are people who come to events, support our growth and consider themselves a part of the VYPER family.

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VYPER Contributors

VYPER Contributors play an integral role in supporting VYPERs work on a partnership level. These partners may support VYPER by offering mentorship, space, financial support or traditional knowledge.

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