VYPER is an organization made up of individuals of all ages and from a wide variety of backgrounds, united in the goals of indigenous cultural revitalization and equity for all. Learn more below about the different opportunities for involvement that VYPER has to offer.


VYPER Leads make up the provincial core team. There are 8 seats across the province for indigenous youth leads to fill. Leads are responsible for ensuring VYPERs mission and vision are being followed through various styles of initiatives.

Leads represent VYPER in their communities through projects, events, media, and/or sitting on community tables. A lead is responsible for attending regular meetings, supporting other leads in their projects, contributing to decision-making processes, representing VYPER in various sectors, and capturing their journey along the way. Our leads often host their own initiatives and will look to lift up other youth in their communities to do the same.

A shared goal between our leads is the want to revitalize Indigenous culture across the Nation for Indigenous people. We want the education of indigenous history shared with the general public and to encourage others to share that knowledge with their friends and families.

VYPER Members

VYPER Members make up our community. These are people who come to events, support our growth and consider themselves a part of the VYPER family.

A VYPER member may be someone who attends our events, follows our social media, or promotes VYPER in their community. Our members make up our community, and there are hundreds of them!

We value the care and feedback our members give us. Many members may find themselves volunteering to help set up our pow-wows, speaking on our radio show, or making a ribbon skirt with us.  

Without our VYPER family, we would not be able to have nearly as big as an impact as we have!

VYPER Contributors

VYPER Contributors play an integral role in supporting VYPERs work on a partnership level. These partners may support VYPER by offering mentorship, space, financial support or traditional knowledge.

This style of membership differs from a VYPER member by  proposing themselves as a partner of our project, looking to further our mission and vision by contributing something. We give special value to our contributors as they are often the pieces needed to bring our project plans to life. Many of our contributors in the past have offered support like space donation, financial donations, mentorship, traditional knowledge exchange, project partnership, or promoting VYPER’s work through their organization. Many of our contributors also consider themselves members, part of the VYPER family.