Now Accepting Registrations!

This is a very new program, and more details will be available shortly!
We have noticed that at our events, there are so many incredible and dedicated young people in the Junior and Teen categories who show up consistently, have fun, include others, and offer to help out. We feel like we need to extend the VYPER membership to these amazing Indigenous youth who make up the heart of our community.
Volunteer at VYPER events

Members will get the chance to do volunteer activities at VYPER events, when they show up – there is no minimum commitment. They will receive signed volunteer hours for all the help they give.

Volunteer activities will be divided up based on age group. We will ask your help doing things like setting up chairs, serving Elders, cleaning up litter and bottles, and making sure everyone is included. 

Who can join

VYPER Future Leaders Club is open to youth ages 7 – 19.

There are 2 age divisions:

Junior (7 – 12)

Teen (13 – 19)

Attend members-only activities and outings

Attend club members-only events. Several times a year, we will aim to hold club meetings for VYPER FLC members. We will do things like cultural events, traditional dinners, or outings to fun community places.

Activities might be divided up by age and they might not. 

How to join

Fill out our online registration form.

Or come up to a VYPER lead at a VYPER event.

Contact Nicole, Marcella, or Helena with any questions you have!