VYPER's Monthly Cultural Powwow Nights

No matter what your background is, you are welcome to come and join in the good medicine and community that comes with our weekly cultural nights! This truly is an event where everyone is welcome to learn, to take risks, and to belong. We start the evening with a prayer, followed by a group meal sponsored by VYPER. The evening consists of games, contests, and dancing, and follows the general outline of a traditional powwow. 

Upcoming Dates:

January 17

February 21

March 13

Location: 3277 Gladwin Road Abbotsford


Event Schedule:

  • 4:00 Workshop (changes every month)
  • 5:15 Dinner
  • 6:00 Grand Entry
  • 8:30 Closing
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Info for Vendors
  • We offer free vendor spots to all vendors 
  • You are welcome to come set up beginning at 4:30
  • Please contact Marcella Sunshine for more information or to become a vendor at our event!
  • Spots are first-come-first-served, and if we run out of vendor spots in the gym, there are additional spots available in the hallway
Info for Drum Groups
  • We welcome and appreciate ALL drum groups who attend the cultural nights!
  • There is one host drum every week.
  • There is a $200 award for the first drum group to show up apart from the host drum
  • Drum groups must have minimum 5 members in order to be eligible for the $200 award, but we welcome groups of all sizes to participate
Resources Available
  • Food Bank
  • Fresh Produce (1 bag / family, while supplies last)
  • Clothing Room
  • Early Learning Clinic

This event is made possible by our wonderful sponsors!