Thanks to our Summer Students!

t’s the VYPER – Visionary Youth Peers for Equity & Revitalization Summer Students last day today. What an honour to get to know each of these students, their skills & dreams. Great job to these teenagers for successfully leading,
– Host cultural nights through the summer: Sewing, Pow wow dance, bingo & beading.
– Multiple podcasts: MMIW, Indigenous Education in High Schools & the Foster System
– Several weeks of a learning journey:
• language revitalization videos (Dog Rib Rae, Cree, Haislakala & Kwakwaka’wakw).
• traditional foods & medicine in their Nations
• family tree (connecting stories of where some family was lost, found, married, etc. it was an honour to hear the stories of these young peoples grandparents and their ways of living).
• ceremonial traditions: Potlatch, Pow wow, etc
• Traditional ways of living: Hunting, trapping, berry picking, tipi, travel, canoeing, cedar weaving, etc
Even throughout their work with us, they travelled to Pow wows across Canada, were offered positions with We Matter, represented their work through Indigenous Sports (Lacrosse) across Canada & started their own Indigenous owned businesses (ribbon wear).
So much power in these guys. 💛✊🏽☀️ The best way to invest in Indigenous youth is by investing in their knowledge of their history, families & traditions. Resurge, Reclaim, Revitalize
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